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Red Cross Float, Seaford, DE July 4th parade, 1916


Blast Furnace, Charlotte, NY

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work-related accidents, automobile wrecks, household mishaps, building collapses

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:: Laurel, DE Auto Accident, Dec 1919
:: Wilmington, DE Sled Accident Feb 1912  
:: Athens, GA Baby Killed by Crossties, Apr 1911
:: Burlington, IA Carriage Accident, May 1903 
:: Van Horne, IA Olsen Construction Accident, May 1926 
:: Chicago, IL Chicago Steel Company Accident, Jan 1902  
:: Decatur, IL Norman's Laundry Accident, Jan 1900
:: Ft. Wayne, IN Electric Works Plant Tower Accident, Nov 1915
:: Shelbyville, IN Bonfire Accident, Aug 1915
:: Wabash, IN Construction Accident, Jul 1912  
:: Louisville, KY Grain Warehouse Accident, Aug 1871 
:: Bangor, ME American Ice Co. Construction Accident, Dec 1890 
:: Waterville, ME Air Accident Sept 1908 
:: Fitchburg, MA Falling Roof Accident, Apr 1889
:: Kansas City, MO Construction Accident, May 1903
:: St. Louis, MO Brown Shoe Company Elevator Accident, Jan 1904  
:: St. Louis, MO Circus Trapeze Accident, Aug 1872

David City, NE Auto Accident, Apr 1930

New Hampshire
:: Manchester, NH Amoskeag Mills Accident, Oct 1891

Milford, NH Auto Accident, Nov 1946

:: Nashua, NH Truck Accident, Mar 1949
:: Peterborough, NH Auto Accident, Jul 1950
:: Warner, NH Accidents 1784-1879

New York

:: Albany, NY Myers Dept Store Collapse, Aug 1905
:: New York, NY Folding Bed Accident, Dec 1910
:: Alliance, OH Marchand's Opera House Collapse, Jun 1886 
:: Charleroi, PA Falling Tree Accident Jan 1916
:: Clearfield, PA Auto Accident, May 1942
:: Pittsburgh, PA Donnelly Building Elevator Accident, May 1903  
Philadelphia, PA Electricity Accident, Jan 1902
:: Ramey, PA Car Accident Mar 1936
:: Wampum, PA Auto Accident, Sept 1908
:: Westfield, PA Eberle Tannery Accident Nov 1858
:: Orange, TX Auto Accident, Jan 1940
:: Campbellsport, WI Auto Wreck Aug 1924 
:: Knowlton, WI Farmer Killed by Fall, Dec 1911
:: New London, WI Milk Truck Accident Oct 1928
:: Stevens Point, WI Falling Accident Jun 1908
:: Stevens Point, WI Horseshoeing Accident, Aug 1906  
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Welcome to GenDisasters, a look back at the events that touched our ancestor's lives - tornadoes, fires, floods, hurricanes, train wrecks, mine explosions, and tragic accidents that became a part of history and our genealogy.
Aberdeen, SD Fire Department in Market Day Parade, early 1900s