Selma, AL Valley Creek Drowning, May 1923


Eleven Year Old Daughter of Henry Ware at Play Falls Into Creek

SELMA, ALA., May 13,--Miss Julia Ware, the eleven year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ware, fell into Valley Creek in the suburbs of Selma about three o'clock this afternoon and was drowned. Her body was recovered about two hours later where it had been caught in some brush along the banks of the stream several hundred yards below where she fell in.

According to the best information obtainable, Miss Ware was playing volley ball with another little girl about her own age, near the bank of the stream, when the ball went into the creek and in her efforts to prevent it from getting away, she slipped in and was swept away by the waters, which were swollen by the heavy rains of yesterday.

Miss Pearson, the companion who had witnessed the accident, gave the alarm, and searchers organised[sic] hundreds joining in the effort to recover the body. Billy Morrison and Paul Grist finally located it and immediately finally located it and immediately called physicians who worked for more than an hour to restore life without avail.

The father of the little girl was on his regular run as conductor on the Southern train headed for Birmingham, when he was notified at Wilton in time to return on the evening train.

Funeral services will be conducted from the home on Lapsley street on Thursday afternoon at 4 o'clock.

Montgomery Advertiser, Montgomery, AL 15 May 1923