Alexander City, AL Fire, Jun 1902

Fire Destroys Alabama Town

Alexander City Is Burned and Estimated Loss Will Reach $750,000, Only Partially Insured.

Montgomery, Ala., June 13. – Alexander City, Ala., a town of 1,500 people, was practically wiped out by fire to-day, the estimated loss reaching $750,000, which the insurance will not begin to cover. The town was not supplied with water works, and all the terror-stricken people could do was to save what little they could and escape from the flames.

The telegraph office was destroyed and all telephone communication with the town has been impaired, making it impossible to learn full details of the fire. It is reported that only provisions can be supplied the homeless inhabitants until Monday.
The fire broke out in the Alexander City Machine Company shop at 1 o’clock this afternoon. A stiff wind was blowing, and the fire spread rapidly from building to building. Every business house, including three banks and the Post Office, was burned.

The New York Times, New York, NY 14 Jun 1902