Dallas, AL Old Folks Home Fire, Mar 1911


Two Buildings Occupied By Negroes Are Destroyed.


SELMA, ALA, March 24.---The two buildings occupied by he negro inmates of the Old Folks' Home, about three miles northeast of Selma, were destroyed by fire today about 12 o'clock.

The long two-story frame building occupied by the white inmates of the institution was saved from the flames by the prompt action of the people around the grounds and neighbors. None of the inmates in the negro wards were injured by the fire as practically all of them were out of the building at the time the fire was discovered.

The news that the Old Folks' Home was on fire was received here about 12 o'clock and at first it was thought all of the buildings were being destroyed. Upon receipts of the news a number of citizens left for the scene of the fire in buggies and automobiles to lend what assistance they could.

Two-Story Building Saved.

The two buildings which were destroyed by the negro inmates are only a short distance from the building which is occupied by the whites the county takes care of. The wind at the time was blowing in the direction of the white wards and it was only by hard work that the long two-story building was saved from the flames.

The fire is believed to have originated in the kitchen of the negro wards. It spread rapidly to the main negro building which was soon a mass flames. Under the direction of Superintendent Mitchell the old negroes as well as the aged white inmates of the institution assisted by neighbors fought the fire to their best ability and confined the flames to the two buildings which were destroyed.

There are about forty white and negro inmates at the Old Folks' Home and provisions were made this afternoon by Probate Judge Pitts for the sheltering of the negroes. There is little doubt but that the county will rebuild the negro wards as soon as possible. The property which was destroyed was covered by insurance.

The Montgomery Advertiser, Montgomery, AL 25 Mar 1911