Adamsville, AL Natural Gas Explosion, Feb 1973


Adamsville, Ala. (AP) -- An explosion at a convenience store, apparently caused by a leak in a natural gas line, killed three persons and injured two others Wednesday night in this small Jefferson County town about 10 miles northwest of Birmingham, Adamsville police said.
Jimmy Hodges, a member of the Adamsville Volunteer Fire Department, said the three victims were "burned to a crisp."
The bodies were found in living quarters behind the small store, police said.
The victims were identified as OLLIE TANNER, and his wife, GRACE, and CLEMME LEONARD, the mother-in-law of MRS. TANNER. No ages were available.
Gene Bates, who was a short distance away from the convenience store at the time of the blast, said he heard a tremendous roar and the building which he was in rumbled.
"We immediately looked out and all we saw was a big ball of flame," he added.
MR. and MRS. RAY GREER, the operators of the store, were injured by the fire and flying glass and were admitted to the University of Alabama Hospital in Birmingham. They were listed in fair condition.

Star-News Long Beach California 1973-02-08