Baldwin County, AL Train Wreck, Sept 1892

Accident Near Mobile.

Mobile, Ala., September 23.-Yesterday afternoon in Baldwin county across the bay from Mobile, a locomotive on the Foxly Logging Railroad blew out her crown sheet and was thrown off the track. The log train of eight cars ran down grade a mile until a level was reached. There were five men riding in the cab of the locomotive, and all were terribly scalded, two probably fatally. The victims are:

Rufus Dunham, engineer, severely scalded, Chas. Grubber, dangerously scalded, will probably die; Duncan Orrid, severely hurt by wreckage of the locomotive, Samuel Little, probably fatally scalded, Jas. Roberts, severely scalded. The two last are colored. Physicians sent on a tug to the eastern shore and the men were treated but were found too badly hurt to be brought to Mobile.

Daily Journal and Journal and Tribune, Knoxville, TN 24 Sept 1892