Various Towns, AL & GA Destructive Tornado, Apr 1884


(Special Dispatch to The Boston Globe)
Chattanooga, April 3. -- The most destructive and frightful cyclone of the year swept over north Alabama and north Georgia Tuesday night. In the vicinity of Collinsville, Ala., and in Dade County, Ga., it seemed to be at its worst. The storm was not over 300 yards wide and seemed to consist of numberless whirlwinds revolving at a furious rate and moving over the earth with lightning-like rapidity.
The house of Colonel TATUM was wrecked, and he and his wife and child were killed. The family of JOHN CROWLEY was also killed, while numbers of houses throughout that section were totally demolished and many of the inmates killed. Trees were tossed like corks on the sea, and the tracks of the Alabama Great Southern railroad, which penetrates that valley, were literally covered. In Madison County, Ala., near Huntsville, the destruction was terrible.
The house of WILLIAM WHITE was demolished and his wife and brother-in-law, MRS. CONNOR, were instantly killed and his child was thrown several hundred yards by the furious wind. The storm struck the house of JAMES GLOVER while he was indoors with a child on each knee. A timber struck him in the back and killed him, but neither child was hurt. The damage will foot up hundreds of thousands and the loss of life is very great.

Boston Daily Globe Massachusetts 1884-04-04