Birmingham, AL Metropolitan Hotel Fire, Feb 1900


Fire in Alabama Does Damage to the Extent of Many Thousands.

Birmingham, Ala., Feb. 23.-An explosion of a gasoline stove in the basement of the Metropolitan hotel this afternoon was followed by a fire which burned that building and the Hewett block adjoining, causing a loss of about $160,000. The insurance amounts to about three-fourths of the loss. After two hours' hard work by the firemen the flames were beyond control and fearing the entire block, including the Potter buildings and the Morris hotel, would be swept away, a telegram was sent to Montgomery asking for aid. An hour later, however, the fire was under control and the request for help from Montgomery was countermanded. Everything on Twentieth street from Girst to Morris avenue, is a wreck, but a strong fire wall back of the Hewett building and the Metropolitan hotel prevented the fire from extending any further in that drection (sic). The Borney bank removed from its building and a company of militia was called to guard and keep back the crowd. A number of guests on the top floors of the hotel narrowly escaped, some having to be lowered from their rooms by means of ropes.

Grand Forks Daily Herald, Grand Forks, ND 24 Feb 1900