Birmingham, AL Plane Overshoots Runway and Crashes, Jan 1946


Birmingham, Ala., Jan. 6 -- (AP) -- Two crewmen were injured fatally and six other persons were hurt today when a Pennsylvania Central Airlines plane overshot a runway at the Birmingham municipal airport and crashed into a creek in murky weather.
Co-Pilot DELMAR R. DUSKIN, JR., Oklahoma City, and Capt. SAMUEL CARSON of Roseville, Mich., an extra pilot who was on a check trip, died tonight in a Birmingham hospital of their injuries.
RAYMOND PAULIS, the pilot, Rochester, N. Y., was seriously hurt.
The hostess, BETTY PROCTOR, of Lexington, Ky., and four of the fifteen passengers were injured slightly as the 21-seat plane struck the creek bank, leaving the passenger cabin suspended over the shallow water. The plane was more than three hours late when it came in about 4 a.m. (CST). It was at the end of its Pittsburgh-Birmingham run.
The pilot's cabin was crushed and the wings crumpled, but the passenger cagin was not damaged seriously. There was no fire.

Titusville Herald Pennsylvania 1946-01-07