Aliceville, AL Cotton Warehouse Fire, May 1908


Those Who Lost in Aliceville Fire the Amounts.

Aliceville, May 19.---(Special.)---A complete list of those who lost cotton in the fire of the Aliceville Warehouse has been made. The following are the losses: Sam Wilder, Birmingham, 70 bales, insured; M. B. Horton, 10 bales, insured; A. P. Loveman, 40 bales, covered by bill of lading from the railroad; Inman, Akers and Inman, 7 bales, 3 insured; Mr. Williams, 21 bales, no insurance; Shep Gass, 7 bales; Steve Crooks, 5 bales; S. W. K. Graham, 7 bales; D. W. Gass, 4 bales; Amos Horton, 8 bales; Charles Horton, 3 bales; J. D. Hines, 2 bales; M. C. Hudgins, 4 bales; Enoch Easterling, 8 bales; Oscar Burton, 5 bales; M. Navey Hughes, 9 bales; W. Ragsdale, 1 bale. All without insurance.

The origin of the fire has not yet been determined.

The Montgomery Advertiser, Montgomery, AL 20 May 1908