Montgomery, AL runaway electric car, May 1908


Panic Among Occupants of Vehicle Returning From Ball Game In Montgomery.

Montgomery, Ala., May 29. - A score or more of persons were injured in a panic late today on a crowded electric car returning from the baseball park, which ran away down a steep incline east of Madison avenue. None of the injured is fatally hurt.

There were 100 or more passengers on the car, which was one of a number bringing the crowd back from today's Southern league baseball game. It is customary for the cars to come down the steep incline one at a time.

It is stated that car No. 36 was too close to the car ahead and when it became apparent that the car was beyond control of the motorman and while he was shouting to the crew ahead to pull out and give him room there was a scramble for safety among the passengers. Men, women and boys jumped off the car and in a few moments the roadway was lined with injured persons. The car was stopped at the foot of the hill without accident.

The State, Columbia, SC 30 May 1908