Madison County, AL Tornado, Apr 1884


NEW ORLEANS, April 2 – A dispatch to the Times Democrat from Huntsville, Ala., says a destructive cyclone passed through the southeast portion of that county last night, greatly damaging timber and fencing. The house of a family named White was completely blown away. MRS. WHITE and her mother-in-law were killed. A baby was carried several miles and dropped in the woods where it was found alive this morning. A man named Glover had both shoulders broken, and other persons sustained injuries more or less serious.

In Madison County, Ala., near Huntsville, the destruction was equally great. The wind struck the house of James White and his wife and MRS. CONNOR, his mother-in-law, were instantly killed. JAMES CROWLEY was sitting in doors, with a child on each knee, when the storm struck the building. A huge piece of timber struck him in the back and produced instant death, but the two children escaped. In another family a little baby was blown several hundred yards. The damage cannot be estimated, and the loss of live will be terrible.

The Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA, 3 Apr 1884