Birmingham, AL Train Wreck, Jun 1907


Frisco Switch – Engine Runs Into Electric Car.

Birmingham, Ala., June 18. – Ten persons were injured this afternoon when a Frisco switch engine crashed into a North Highland electric car at Nineteenth street and Ninth avenues, north. A green motorman failed to see the danger flag, and ran his car directly on to the crossing in front of the engine.

The injured:
Miss Charles F. Tye, arms and knee badly bruised.
Mrs. W. F. Martin, wife of prominent merchant, slight.
J. L. Kates, policeman, arm and hand sprained.
Mrs. Mary Kerram, back sprained, serious.
C. C. Snyder, slight injuries.
Dock Marshall, bruised about body.
Hattie Joyner, colored, shoulder and side sprained.
Docie Higgins, colored, shoulder bruised.
Mary Reese, colored, injured about limbs.
James Bailey, motorman, hand and arm sprained.

The Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA 19 Jun 1907