Childersburg, AL Train Accident, Nov 1887


An Unfortunate Accident Happens to Mr. P. Q. Camp on the Columbus and Western.

Friday night an unfortunate accident happened to Mr. P.Q. Camp, who has charge of a squad of hands at work on the Columbus and Western extension. The accident occurred between Childerburg [sic] and Sylacauga. The gentleman was returning to his camp on a hand car, which collided with a pole car. Both of Mr. Camp's legs were broken below the knees. No one else was hurt.

The Columbus Enquirer-Sun, Columbus, GA 20 Nov 1887



An Unfortunate Accident Ends the Life of Mr. P. Q. Camp.

Several days ago the ENQUIRER-SUN contained a notice of an accident which occurred on the Columbus and Western extension, in which both of Mr. P.Q. Camp's legs were broken. Mr. Camp, we regret to learn, died from the effects of his injuries yesterday morning.

The deceased was a middle-aged man, and stood well in the community in which he lived. He had charge of a force of hands at work in the extension near Sylacauga when the unfortunate accident occurred.

The Columbus Enquirer-Sun, Columbus, GA 20 Nov 1887