Eufaula, AL runaway accident, Mar 1911


Wife of Forner Governonr Suffers Fracture of Her Arm

EUFAULA, ALA., March 23. - A stranded automobile party from Eufaula were the victims of a runaway accident Friday night south of the city and Mrs. W. D. Jelks, wife of Alabama's former Governor, was the only one to sustain serious injury, suffering a double fracture of her left arm between the wrist and the elbow.

The others in the party were: Mrs. J. H. Stewart, owner of the automobile, which ran out of gasoline; her daughter, Miss Fannie Shorter, Mrs. W. H. Way and the negro chauffeur.

When the gasoline supply became exhausted, the party was nine miles osuth of the city near the Russell place. A mule and wagon was secured in that neighborhood to bring the party to Eufaula. While en route a trace broke, the mule took fright and ran away, and Mrs. Jelks was thrown from the wagon. The negro chauffeur drove the mule and lightning speed to the city to secure aid while the other members of the party remained with Mrs. Jelks along the roadside.

Walter Freeman, Mr. and Mrs. Claude Gilbert and Miss Laurie ennings started to the scene of the accident in Freeman's car, carrying also a supply of gasoline for the stranded machine. Mrs. Jelks was brought back to town immediately and her fractures were dressed.

The Montgomery Advertiser, Montgomery, AL 24 Mar 1912