Juneau, AK Jet Crash, Sept 1971

Juneau, AK Jet Crash, Sept 1971

107 aboard Alaska jet feared crashed in S. E.

Boeing 727 hours overdue between Juneau, Yakutat.

By The Associated Press
JUNEAU - Authorities say that an Alaska Airlines jetliner carrying 100 passengers and a crew of seven is missing and presumed down on a flight from Yakutat to Juneau.

In Juneau, a spokesman for the USAF Rescue Coordination Center says ... in his words, "It is missing and presumed down because of the lack of communication from the aircraft and the certainty of fuel exhaustion."

He says the fuel supply was presumed to have been exhausted about two to three hours after the plane was due to land in Juneau.

A massive air and sea search is under way along Alaska's rugged coastal Panhandle.

The Alaska Airlines 727 jetliner was to have landed in Juneau at 10:20 a. m. Fairbanks time.

In Seattle, a spokesman for Alaska Airlines said the flight originated in Anchorage and stopped at Cordova and Yakutat. It was to have stopped in Juneau before continuing to Seattle.

Officials say a boat 19 miles west of Juneau reported by radio late this morning that it spotted a 727 flying about 500 feet above the Barlow Cove. The cove is 19 miles northwest of Juneau.

Yakutat is 240 miles northwest of Juneau, and the missing jet should have covered the distance in about 40 minutes.

An Alaska Airlines spokesman has identified the seven crew members.

ROBERT GIERSDORF, Alaska Airlines vice president for traffic and sales, has identified them as flight captain RICHARD ADAMS, first officer LLOYD BEACH, flight engineer JAMES CARSON and stewardesses PATTY KESSNER, DEBBIE BERG, PATRICIA HILLS and CATHY BEACH.

GIERSDORF said MRS. BEACH is the wife of the first officer. All crew members are believed based in the Seattle area.

In Juneau, a Coast Guard spokesman said the plane had been cleared for a landing at the Juneau Municipal Airport before it disappeared.

Fairbanks Daily News-Miner Alaska 1971-09-04

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AA crash, '71

My family was supposed to be on that
flight. We were vacationing in Glacier
Bay, I believe. We decided to stay a day
or 2 longer. I was 10. My mother was a
travel agent in Fairbanks. Made quite an
impression on me but I don't remember
much discussion of it in later years.

My brother was named Adam

My brother was named Adam partly after the captain (his last name) -- and we were still 5 years away from moving to Juneau....