Coolidge, AZ Airliner Crashes, May 1971


Coolidge, Ariz. (AP) -- An Apache Airlines plane, carrying the chairman of the Papago Indian Tribe, several businessmen and an airline pilot enroute to Phoenix to pickup another plane, nosed-dived into a cotton field near here Thursday and exploded, killing all 12 aboard.
The victims included THOMAS SEGUNDO, chairman of the Papago Indian Tribal Council at Sells, Ariz., west of Tucson. Also ROBERT FORD, of Prescott, executive vice president of Nuclear Dynamics of Phoenix and RICHARD HUMMER, of Tucson, an apache pilot flying to Phoenix as a passenger to pick-up a flight.
Also aboard the flight were MICHAEL McGRATH, son of the Apache station agent in Tucson, and MISS NELLIE WAGNER, of Kansas, believed to be his fiance.
The plane, on a flight from Tucson to Phoenix, was the first scheduled commercial airliner to crash in the continental United States since November, 1969.
Two witnesses said the plane, an 18-passenger DeHaviland Dove, appeared to be attempting an emergency landing in the field, its engines sputtering, when it nosed dived into the ground from an altitude of about 200 feet.

Coolidge (AP) -- Names of crew and passengers who were killed in Thursday's crash of an Apache Airline plane in a cotton field near here:
Capt. TED N. HUNTINGTON, Phoenix, pilot.
DON NELSON, Phoenix, co-pilot.
RICHARD HUMMER, Tucson, an Apache Airlines pilot enroute to Phoenix as a passenger to pickup a flight.
MICHAEL McGRATH, 21, Tucson, son of the Apache Airlines station agent in Tucson.
MISS NELLIE WAGNER, of Victoria, Kansas, McGRATH'S fiance.
ROBERT FORD, Prescott, executive vice president of Nuclear Dynamics of Phoenix.
CAROL GREGG, 20, a University of Arizona coed from Phoenix.
ROBERT JACOBS, Tucson, junior high school teacher.
DAVID STEIN, from San Jose, Calif., an employe of Shell Oil Co.
MICHAEL HAYS, 20, Tucson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Hays.
LARRY TAYLOR, Lackland Air Force Base, Tex., returning from a visit with relatives in Tucson.
THOMAS SEGUNDO, Sells, chairman of the Papago Indian Tribal Council.

The Yuma Daily Sun Arizona 1971-05-07