Anderson Mesa, AZ Navy Transport Crash, Apr 1944


Flagstaff, Ariz., April 29. -- (AP) -- Seventeen bodies were found by the first person to reach the wreckage of a Navy transport plane that broke in two and burned on the lava rock studded Anderson Mesa in northern Arizona.

The Coconino county sheriff's office first reported 19 were killed in the crash yesterday during a heavy snowstorm in wilderness 30 miles southeast of here. Four injured survivors were brought to Flagstaff Hospitals. The Navy had reported 22 aboard.

Several of the victims lived for some time after the crash, said Deputy Sheriff Joe McDaniels of Flagstaff, first person to return from the rocky tableland.

"There could have been more bodies," explained McDaniels, who said three were burned. The others were scattered when the two-engined craft broke apart at the entry door about three-fourths of the way back from the nose, McDaniels said.

Two of the injured survivors made their way to a ranch about a mile and one-half from the crash scene and summoned aid.

McDaniels said the less seriously injured told him they tried to improvise bandages and other aids for the dying men but were unable to make them comfortable.
The two survivors found at the crash scene by McDaniels and his party had started a fire on the wet ground and the most seriously injured man was lying on a makeshift bed of canvas and clothing.

The passengers aboard the plane, last reported at 12:33 a.m. yesterday on a flight from Oakland, Calif., to Winslow, Ariz., had fastened their safety belts in anticipation of a landing, McDaniels reported.

Avalanche Journal Lubbock Texas 1944-04-30



Flagstaff, Ariz., May 3. -- (AP) -- A Navy plane crash claimed its nineteenth victim today with the death in a local hospital of JOSEPH DANIELS DALESIO, 26, radioman third class, of Follanbee, W. Va., crewman on the craft which plummeted to earth 30 miles southeast of here April 28.

DALESIO was the most seriously injured of four survivors of the disaster. He was the son of Mrs. Anna Dalesio of Foliansbee. The body will be sent to his home town for burial.

Del Rio News Herald Texas 1944-05-04


Listing of Casualties:
Seaman Second Class RUDOLPH JOHN SCHILDER, USNR, plane orderly, Pella, Iowa.
Seaman Second Class WILLIAM D. LACY, USNR, Charleston, W. Va.
Quartermaster Third Class LESTER B. MITCHELL, USNR, Hilton Village, Va.
Seaman First Class ARTHUR W. WARTZACK, USNR, Cumberland, Md.
Lieut. (j.g.) EDWARD SCOTT BLACKWELL, USNR, copilot, Olathe, Kas.
Lieut. (j.g.) EDWARD J. WEEKS, USCGR, Pittsburg, Kas.
Lieut. RONALD A. ZACHMAN, Arlington, Va.
Carpenter GILBERT C. SCHULTZ, Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
Storekeeper First Class ALFRED E. BONIELLO, Paterson, N.J.
Quartermaster Second Class PAUL A. HAMEL, Haverhill, Mass.
Seaman First Class EDWARD E. HELMOLD, Chicago, Illinois.
Coxswain B. B. KOBUSZEWSKI, Salem, Mass.
Lieut. (j.g.) ELMER W. NIGG, plane commander, Livermore, Calif.
Lieut. JAMES H. CALLAWAY, Hayward, Calif.
Seaman Second Class WILLIAM F. THOMAS, Oakland, Calilf.
Pharmacist's Mate First Class PAUL JUNGERMAN, Palo Alto, Calif.
Radio Man Third Class JOSEPH DALESIO, Follanbee, W. Va.
Radio Man Second Class CLARENCE E. MANGUM, USNR, Petersburg, Va.
Seaman Second Class J. ALLEN NATHAN, Cincinnati, Ohio.
Seaman First Class GOLDEN E. HENSLEY, Kitts, Ky.