Clifton, AZ Flood, Jun 1903

Thirty-One Dead.

El Paso, Tex., June 12--Twelve bodies of flood victims have been recovered at Clifton, Ariz., but the death list generally is placed at 31.

Many of the bodies will never be recovered.

The rush of waters bore most of the bodies from Chase creek into San Francisco river.

Harrowing tales of death are brought in by people living along Chase canon, on reporting that he counted 13 people struggling in the water and believes that all of them were lost.  One Mexican woman lost five children, who were swept away with the wreckage of her house.  None of their bodies has been recovered.

Clifton had her hero on horseback similar to the man who rode down the valley to Johnstown, Pa., and warned the people of impending danger.

The Clifton hero rode at breakneck speed five minutes ahead of the torrent and shouted to the settlers to flee to higher ground.  His warning saved hundreds of lives.

Portsmouth Herald, Portsmouth, NH 13 Jun 1903