Tombstone, AZ Fire Consumes Most of Town, May 1882

OK Corral after the fire of May 1882, photo from wikipedia

The American Hotel,

Kept by Miss Cashman and Mrs. Cunningham was in imminent danger. But the plucky ladies stationed several of their friends with buckets and kept the building thoroughly saturated with water, thereby preventing the flames from communicating. As the public excitement was abating and the citizens generally were breathing freer, a wild alarm of fire was again raised. It was no false cry. The flames were budding forth in goodly quantity from a house on the north side of Fremont street, next below the old store of Shaffer Lord. The engine company was promptly on hand and fought the flames valiantly, and owing to their noble efforts the flames were crushed in the incipiency. This was

The Last Alarm.

The flames are still smouldering (sic) and detachments of the firemen are still doing battle, but there is no danger of further damage, unless something new should occur.

The Losses.

Are considerable, and will foot up perhaps five hundred thousand dollars, with a probable insurance of half that amount. There are some very heavy individual losses, but at present time it is impossible to fully account them. Among the heaviest losers are the following:

The tenants of the Grand Hotel, $15,000; insurance, $6,000.
Clum & Co., $2,000 loss; no insurance.
Charley Tribolet, $17,000; insurance, $7,000.
Mr. Robinson, $2,000; insurance, $1,000.
Epitaph Publishing Co., $950; loss fully covered.
Keefe & O’Neal, $2,000; insured for $8,000.
Lenoir, $10,000; insured for $5,000.
Ben Wehfritz, $22,000; insured for $8,000.
Webb, $2,000; no insurance.
Can Can Restaurant, $2,000; no insurance.
Wolfe & Co., $1,000; no insurance.
Spangenberg, $6,000; insurance, $5,950.
Campbell & Hatch, $4,000; insurance, $3,000.
C.C. Lipps, $4,000; insurance, $3,000.
Fitzhenry & Mansfield, $500; fully insured.
Summerfield Bros., $3,000; fully insured.
S. Tribolet, $2,000; fully insured.
Alderson & Grattan, $1,000; no insurance.
Seamans & Son, $1,500; no insurance.
Nugget, $5,000; insurance, $2,200.
Cohen, $8,000; insurance, $4,000.
Ahlers, $5,000; insurance, $1,700.
Brown, $25,000; insurance, $10,000.
J. Muller, $600.
Bauer, $17,000; insurance, $7,000/
Meyers, $30,000.
Gran & Holt, $25,000; insurance, $11,000.
Schmeidling, $10,000; insurance, $11,000.
Montgomery, $2,000; no insurance.
Ross, $6,000; no insurance.
Little Jake is a heavy loser and has no insurance.

The proprietors of the Maison Dorse have lost everything and have no insurance.

The books of the telegraph office were lost in course of removal, and all the instruments would have met the same fate were it not for the activity and energy of Mr. Donnelly, the manager.

M.C. Joyce loses about $2,000, but is fully insured.

There are several other losses, but at the present writing it is impossible to compile them all. Much excitement prevails, and it is almost impossible to compute the actual or individual losses.

Tombstone Epitaph Prospector, Tombstone, AZ 27 May 1882