Coolidge, AZ Car Crashes Into Bridge, Oct 1950


Six Casa Grande teen agers were injured, one critically, when their car crashed into a bridge abutment Saturday night five miles southwest of Coolidge on a country road. Bert Babb, highway patrolman, investigated the accident.
MISS FREDA HEDICK, age 18 of Wendell, Idaho, who was living with Mrs. Bertha Carroll at Jackson's Camp, was taken to the Norman Hospital with multiple injuries and is in critical condition.
The others injured in the accident were ORVILLE HOLMES, age 18, who was driver of the car, suffered a broken leg and serious face injuries and his sister, MISS NORA HOLMES, age 16, face cuts; they are the daughter and son of F. L. Holmes.
BILL WARD, age 21, son of Mrs. Ruth Ward, received internal injuries. MISS CLARISSA HUFFMAN, age 15, daughter of Henry Huffman, suffered cuts and bruises, and MARVIN GREY, age 17, concussion.

Casa Grande Dispatch Arizona 1950-10-12