Casa Grande, AZ Two Pickup Trucks Collide, Feb 1970


A Colorado woman and a Washington man were killed yesterday when two pickup trucks collided head-on five and a half miles north of Cara Grande.
A Sacaton man and woman were injured in the accident.
The accident occurred at 1:40 p.m. on State Route 93 just south of the Interstate 10 overpass.
Killed in the fiery crash were IRA E. BURGESS, 55, of Vancouver, Wash., and MRS. RUBY M. SUTTON, of Colorado Springs, Colo.
Injured were DALLAS J. MORAGO and MYRA MORAGO of Sacaton.
Highway Patrol investigators said the crash occurred as the road curves just before it meets Interstate 10.
BURGESS, 55, was burned in the wreckage of the truck he was driving. MRS. SUTTON, 53, was apparently thrown from the truck. Both were dead at the scene.
MORAGO, 47, is in critical condition at St. Joseph's Hospital in Phoenix. He is suffering from multiple injuries.
MRS. MORAGO was treated in Sacaton and transferred to Phoenix Indian Hospital. Her condition is reported good. She is suffering from fracture of an arm, leg, and lacerations of the head, officers said.
Investigators said the truck driven by BURGESS was southbound on Route 93 while the MORAGOS were northbound.
Then, according to officers, the BURGESS vehicle crossed the center line at the beginning of the curve. Both drivers attempted to avoid the collision but hit head-on at the center line in the road.
Officers said neither truck was equipped with safety belts. They said use of the safety devices would have helped minimize injury in the accident.

Casa Grande Dispatch Arizona 1970-02-09