Casa Grande, AZ Accidents Due To Dust Storm, Aug 1950


One woman was killed and several people were injured in a series of wrecks on the Phoenix Highway north of Casa Grande during a severe dust storm last Friday evening about 6:30.
MRS. MAGGIE N. SPARK, 54, of Abilene, Texas, was killed when she stopped her car on the highway due to the dust and a big truck crashed into her car. The car overturned and caught fire and MORT STAGMAR, 22, driver of the truck, helped her daughter, GRACE LEE, 19, and her husband, JACK, 64, from the burning car but was unable to rescue MRS. SPARK. MR. SPARK and daughter are still in the Norman Hospital recovering from burns.
Other accidents occurred in the dust storm were caused when the SPARK'S car was knocked into a dairy truck, which was parked off the road nearby. JAMES WEST, 19, of Casa Grande, driver of the dairy truck escaped uninjured.
Seeking flares to warn other motorists, STAGMAR flagged a car-hauling truck. Before the flares could be placed, a car driven by LESLIE E. THOMAS of Casa Grande, ran into the rear of the hauler. THOMAS received serious injuries, and is confined to the Norman Hospital.
LEWIS W. DAVIES, Casa Grande sheriff's deputy, while en route to the scene, stopped his car because of the dust and his car was struck in the rear by a car driven by LEONARD STRICKLAND, of Phoenix, who received severe bruises.
A coupe driven by EDWARD R. RAINEY, of Phoenix, piled into STRICKLAND'S car and he received cuts and bruises. His car was hit by another driven by G. B. COTTON of Phoenix, who escaped injuries. The last car in the accident was driven by HAROLD W. DOTY, of Phoenix, who escaped injuries.
At an inquest held at the City Hall Tuesday afternoon, a jury rendered a verdict that the accidents were unavoidable.

Casa Grande Dispatch Arizona 1950-08-24