Miami, AZ Mine Elevator Shaft Accident, June 1955


Miami (AP) -- Two Miami Copper Co. workers were killed yesterday when they fell into an elevator shaft with a carload of concrete and crashed into a scaffolding 75 feet below.
The victims were identified as SYLVESTER R. HUGGINS and E. J. KARNES.
CARL NORTH, one of two men working on the scaffolding, was in critical condition with multiple injuries at the Miami-Inspiration Hospital. The other man on the scaffolding, MIKE WHITE, was injured less seriously. He suffered contusions.
R. W. Hughes, general manager of Miami Copper, said HUGGINS and KARNES were moving concrete along a horizontal drift with a motor and car and dumping it into a funnel leading into the elevator shaft. The concrete was being poured into the walls of the shaft.
On the scaffolding, WHITE and NORTH were supervising distribution of the concrete.
Hughes said it was not known how the car happened to slip off the edge of the drift and plunge into the shaft.
The shaft is in the southwest part, of the mine area. It is used in movement of men and equipment.

Phoenix Arizona Republic 1955-06-12