Grand Canyon, AZ Helicopter Crashes Killing Three, Aug 1969


Grand Canyon National Park, Ariz. (AP) -- A pilot and two passengers were killed Wednesday afternoon when a helicopter crashed and burned about three miles south off Grand Canyon Village on Kaibab Plateau.

A Park Service spokesman said the craft was checked out to JOHN HARPER, pilot for Grand Canyon Helicopters, located just outside the park boundary.

The spokesman said the victims were burned so badly that medical and dental charts will have to be used to identify the two passengers, who were making the scenic flight.

It was the second fatal helicopter crash within two days. A work helicopter carrying a sling laden with fuel for a construction project in the canyon crashed and burned near Yaqui Point. The pilot, JOSE SAVAGE, JR., 31, of Grand Canyon, was killed and his 19-year-old brother JAMES was injured critically.

The Greeley Daily Tribune Colorado 1969-08-01