Grand Canyon, AZ Sightseeing Plane Crashes, July 1967


Grand Canyon, Ariz. (UPI) -- Seven persons on a sightseeing flight over the Grand Canyon were killed Wednesday night when their plane slammed into the wall of the Canyon, 200 feet below the rim, authorities said.
The victims aboard the sightseeing plane, which crashed in the Grand Canyon National Park, 10 miles from the park village, included residents of New York and Ohio.
Park officials said the craft had taken off from the Grand Canyon Airport.
Victims included the pilot, TOM RUMORE, Tucson, Ariz., an employee of the Grand Canyon Airlines, Inc.
Other victims were HERBERT ROSCOE, 40, Suffern, N. Y., and his son SCOTT, 17, and CHARLES WILHELM, 38, his wife CAROLYN, and their sons, JOHN, 13, and STEVEN, 10, all of Washington Courthouse, Ohio.
Park officials said the crash against the steep wall of a side canyon occurred near Desert View Lookout Point, one of the park's most popular lookouts, but that they were unable to find any eyewitnesses to the crash. The plane partially burned after the impact.
Five of the bodies were recovered Wednesday night and the last two were brought out this morning.

Star News Pasadena California 1967-07-27