Tuscon, AZ Fire, Jun 1882


they saw enter the building, if they could identify him in the throng. This they could not do. Business men present, believeing from reports that the fire was the work of an incendiary, were very much exercised, and insinuated summary vengeance, should the culprit have been found. Within fifteen minutes after the flames were first noticed the streets were crowded with people. The members of the Tucson Fire Association did what they could to subdue the conflagration. By this time the interior of CLARKE's place was a


and beyond recovery; hence efforts were directed to the Occidental. Even the slight breeze blowing sent the flames half way across the street, and the windows of the hotel began to crack with heat. Boarders occupying front rooms hurried out, carrying what effects they could, while serviceable men ran in, some beginning to remove the furniture, while others drenched the front of the place with water. For awhile it was thought the hostelry was doomed, as thick clouds of steam and smoke arose above the cornice. However, after a little time the fire across the way settled down between the two adobe walls, and the hotel was out of danger.


is owned by W. S. EDWARDS and W. W. WILLIAMS, and the furniture within by MRS. A. PETERS. The wooden cornice and window casings are badly scorched, and a large number of window panes broken, besides the balcony being almost ruined. The loss will not be large. MRS. PETERS loses something from damage by water on carpets and curtains.


consisting of harness and saddlery, was entirely consumed. It is insured through W. B. SCOTT, Jr., for $8000. MR. CLARKE, who was present, stated to the reporter that his stock on hand was valued at between $18,000 and $30,000. The building occupied by him was owned by MR.C. E. DRAKE. Only its walls remained. The structure was erected a month or so ago and was considered a valuable improvement to the city. It was insured for $3500.

Arizona Weekly Star, Tucson, AZ 8 Jun 1882