Crawfordsville, AR Children Suffocated in Locked Ice Box, Aug 1953


$600 Already Donated From Mid-South

Five identical little white caskets are lined up at Citizens Funeral Home in West Memphis today.

They contain the bodies of the five Hallman children, each dressed in white. They suffocated in an old unused icebox on the porch of their farm cabin in Crittenden County late Wednesday.

Residents of Memphis and the Mid-South are contributing to the J. A. Hallman family so the parents and surviving two children won’t have as hard a time financially. More than $600 has been given with 24 hours.

Mr. Hallman, the father, who had been working temporarily at Rockford, Ill., returned home late yesterday for the funeral, set for 10:30 a. m. tomorrow at Citizens Funeral Home (West Memphis). Rev. Jack Glass will officiate. Burial in Crittenden Memorial Park (Marion), in five little graves in a row.

Mrs. Hallman and the two older children, 11 and 9, had spent the day chopping cotton. When they returned, the five lively little ones were missing – Edward, 8; Wesley, 7; twins Odie and Tommy, 4, and Barbara Ann, 2. Later the little bodies were found crowded into the old icebox. Apparently they had played a game of follow leader, and the lid, which had an outside lock, snapped shut on them.

Practically all the money being contributed will go to the family, as they had burial policies on the children. Though they had made only one payment on the new policies, they were in effect and take care of all expenses, including the new clothing, except the burial lot, which is a nominal sum.

George H. Florida of Osceola, Ark. started the fund yesterday morning with $25, and $128 was collected among his associates in Continental Mortgage Co., Falls, Building. This included $2 from Herbert Delugach, not acknowledged yesterday.

Dr. Otto Sutton, pastor of Trinity Baptist Church, 1144 E. McLemore (Memphis), which is in the midst of a two-week revival, traveled around in Crittenden County last night until he found the Hallmans about midnight at the home of friends near their own home. He gave them $125.11 received in a special collection at revival services last night.

J. A. Johnson of Citizens Funeral Home said about $300 had been left at the funeral home by various persons or received in the mail, for the Hallmans, largely from Crittenden County citizens.

The Press-Scimitar today received $25 from employees of Hull-Dobbs Co., $10 from Lee and Mose Karnowsky, $10 from Dr. Gilbert J. Levy, $5 from June H. Rudisill and $2 anonymous.

Memphis Press Scimitar, Memphis, Tennessee, 1953-08-14

The Deceased Children of John W. Hallman and Annie Bell Hallman
Edward Hallman, Jul 25, 1944-Aug 12, 1953
Wesley Hallman, Jul 28, 1945-Aug 12, 1953
Odie Hallman, Sep 11, 1949-Aug 12, 1953
Tommy Hallman, Sep 11, 1949-Aug 12, 1953
Barbara Ann Hallman, May 12, 1951-Aug 12, 1953