Camden, AR Two Car Collision, Feb 1952


Camden, Ark., Feb. 24. (AP) - Eight persons were killed and one critically injured in a 2-car collision today.
Three of those killed were white teenagers, and five were Negroes. All were Arkansans.
State police listed them as:
TULIP ROSE JONES, 17, of Camden; SHIRLEY JOHNSON, 18, of Cullendale; BERNARD LUCAS, 19, of Banks, all white and the following Negroes; CARROLL WARREN, of McNeil; SAM SLAUGHTER, 34, of Ogemaw; BESSIE MAE DUNBAR, 22, of Camden; ADA MAY HYNIE, 28, of Camden; MELVIN RINEHART, 30, of Camden.
The accident occurred when one car attempted to pass another car and met the teenagers' car in a head-on collision, police said.

Kansas City Times Missouri 1952-02-25