London, ON Three Story Building Collapse, July 1907

Scene of Collapse

The injured are JOHN LONEY, fractured skull, and two men and a woman who are suffering from broken limbs.
The rescue parties will work on the ruins all night. All the imprisoned ones who could be communicated with have been released. Many who were thought to have been seriously injured are only slightly hurt.
The building was being remodeled. A number of old supports had been taken out and iron girders had been placed. The crash came shortly after 6 o'clock when all three stores were filled with customers. It seemed that the front wall of Crystal Hall fell out into the street. An instant later the east wall gave way and fell onto the Brewster store. As the front wall fell into Dundas Street passing pedestrians had narrow escapes. Two women walking on the sidewalk heard the crash and started to run. One of them was swallowed up in the wreckage, while the other escaped.
A woman with two children narrowly escaped the falling debris. The fire and police departments with all the ambulances and physicians that could be mustered at once began the work of rescue. On account of the great confusion at the scene it is impossible to account for all those supposed to have been in the building when it collapsed.
Cries were heard from the wreckage in the Brewster store and a rescue party located three girls in an adjoining cellar imprisoned by wreckage. They said they were not injured and asked for food and water. Five other girls can be communicated with, but, they are too frightened to say if any of their number is injured.
Frank Reid, manager of the Reid store, says all his staff escaped. Six men who were at work on the building are unaccounted for.
JOHN ROBINSON, JOSEPH LONG, a MR. HAMILTON and a MR. LANE are accounted for.
The pile of ruins seems impregnable and though the rescuers work with frenzy they will be hours releasing any who may be in the thick of it.
Shortly after 5 o'clock GEORGE FISTELLEN was taken out slightly injured. The body of ARCHIE MacCALLUM, a photographer, was taken out late. W. T. HAMILTON was taken out terribly injured. A woman was located in the rear of the Hamilton store. She had a baby in her arms, but neither was injured. All efforts to release them have been futile. JOHN LONEY was taken out of the ruins with a fractured skull and internal injuries. It is thought he cannot live.
The building was owned by Peter Smeries of Grand Rapids, Mich.

Titusville Herald Pennsylvania 1907-07-17