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San Francisco Earthquake & Fire Apr 1906


Long Beach Explosion 1930


San Jose Fire Dept, early 1900s

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California Disasters

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Air Disasters
:: San Diego, CA Hydro-Aeroplane Crash, Feb 1914
:: San Diego, CA Navy Airplane Crashes into Ship, Aug 1937
:: Compton, CA Earthquake Mar 1933
:: Fort Tejon, CA Earthquake Jan 1857
:: Kern County, CA Earthquake 1952
:: Long Beach, CA Earthquake Mar 1933
:: Los Angeles, CA Earthquake Jul 1920
:: Owens Valley, CA Earthquake 1872
:: San Francisco, CA Earthquake & Fire Apr 1906
:: Alameda, CA Masonic Temple Gas Explosion, Dec 1904
:: Long Beach, CA 1930 Explosion
:: Los Angeles, CA Times Building Explosion and Fire, Oct 1910
:: Port Chicago, CA Ammunition Ship Explosion, Jul 1944
:: San Francisco, CA Palace Hotel Explosion, Apr 1883
:: San Francisco, CA Explosion, Mar 1906
:: San Francisco, CA Vulcan Powder Co. Explosion, Mar 1882 
:: San Francisco, CA Nitroglycerine Factory Explosion, May 1895
:: Biggs, CA Fire, Aug 1878
:: Livermore, CA Fire, Sept 1905
:: Los Angeles, CA Ocean Park Pier Fire
:: Oakland, CA Fire, May 1923
:: Redding, CA Presbyterian Church Fire 1915
:: San Bernardino, CA Fire, Oct 1922 
:: San Francisco Earthquake & Fire, Apr 1906
:: San Francisco, CA Almshouse Fire, Mar 1908
:: San Francisco, CA D. Lundy's Furniture Store Fire, Dec 1881
:: San Francisco, CA St. George Hotel Fire, Apr 1909  
:: San Francisco, CA Auditorium Fire, Nov 1915

San Francisco, CA Owl Lodging House Fire, Oct 1917

:: San Francisco, CA New Amsterdam Hotel Fire, Mar 1944
:: San Jose, CA Union Lodging House Fire, May 1907
:: Visalia, CA Flouring Mill Fire, Apr 1895
:: Collinsville Flood 1909
:: Imperial Valley Flood, 1906
:: Los Angeles, CA area Flood and San Francisquito Dam Break, Mar 1928
:: San Jose Flood Mar 1909
Ship Disasters
:: San Francisco, Steamer Columbia Disaster, Jul 1907
:: San Pedro, CA Cruiser Tennessee Ship Explosion, Jun 1908 
Train Wrecks
:: Alameda, CA Train Wreck, Nov 1869
:: Bradley, CA Train Wreck, May 1907
:: Guasti, CA Train Wreck 1947
:: Honda, CA Shriner's Train Wreck, May 1907
:: Lamanda Park, CA Train Wreck, May 1907
:: Los Angeles, CA Train Wreck and Oil Refinery Explosion, Aug 1902
:: San Mateo, CA Train Wreck, May 1907
:: Selma, CA Train Wreck, May 1923
:: West Glendale, CA Train Wreck, May 1907
:: Santa Barbara, CA Train Wreck May 1907