Colfax, CA Bus And Truck Collision, Feb 1958


Colfax, Calif. (UP) -- Two Utahns were being treated in hospitals Tuesday after a bus - truck collision Monday night in which two persons were killed and 16 injured.
The accident which involved a Greyhound bus and a butane truck, occurred just east of Nyack Lodge on U.S. 40.
Airman BRUCE EDWARDS, 19, Sandy, Utah, was listed in "critical" condition at Travis Air Force Base Hospital. He suffered a broken leg and internal injuries.
IDA THOMPSON, 48, Spring City, Utah, was less seriously hurt and was being treated at Highland Hospital, Auburn.
The dead were identified as:
FERN THOMAS, 56, Tetonia, Idaho.
Army Sgt. 1C EDWARD L. SAHNK, 42, Troutville, Va.

Salt Lake Tribune Utah 1958-02-05