Victorville, CA Rock Slide, Dec 1949

Rock Slide Fatal to 4

Victorville, Calif., Dec. 11. (A.P.)-A 70 ton slab of rock broke off from Dead Man’s Point and crashed into Lucerne Valley Sunday, killing four picnickers and seriously injuring two others.

The sudden tragedy horrified the dozen survivors, who scrambled to safety as the huge chunk of granite roared down upon them.

The 18 persons, all friends, had driven their cars to Lucerne Valley on the edge of the Mojave Desert. The prominence is known as Dead Man’s Point.

A big fire was started apparently loosened by the heat and recent rains the big chunk of rock cracked off and fell.

Frantic efforts to dig out the victims proved futile.

With the aid of railroad timbers and the jacks, rescuers lifted the rock so that the victims could be removed.

One of the picnickers, Milburn Herschman, Pomona, Calif., identified the dead as Robert Asper, 35, and Mrs. Jessie Isom, 45, both of Upland, Calif. Harold Rovette, 40, Ventura, Calif., and Mrs. Frances Morris, 38, Pomona.

Abilene Reporter News, Abilene, TX 12 Dec 1949