Los Angeles, CA Times Building Explosion, Oct 1910 - Building Blown Up

Times Building After Explosion

Times Building Blown Up at Midnight Oct. 1

October 1st this year, at an hour after midnight, the Los Angeles Times building and plant was destroyed by an explosion that killed twenty-one outright and injured twenty more who were preparing the morning edition for press. The loss was $450,000.

Late the same day an attempt was made to destroy the residence of Gen. Harrison Gray Otis, publisher of the Times, by means of an infernal machine. An infernal machine was discovered at the residence of Secretary S. Zeehandelaar of the Merchants and Manufacturers' Association which body had united with Gen. Otis in his refusal to unionize his paper. It was set to go off at the same time the Times explosion occurred.

Assistant General Manager Chandler of the Times reported an attempt to blow up the Times auxiliary plant a few minutes before the explosion that destroyed the main building. Although $25,000 was appropriated to determine the cause of the outrage and a reward of $2500 for the capture of those deemed responsible, nothing but the names of three suspects were secured.

The president of the local union declared that union printers might work in the Times office together with non-union men.

The Boston Journal, Boston, MA 26 Dec 1910