Anaheim, CA Amusement Park Accident, Jan 1984


Anaheim, Calif. -- A woman killed at Disneyland when she fell off the Matterhorn bobsled ride and was struck by another sled may not have been wearing her seat belt, officials say.
DOLLY REGINA YOUNG, 48, of Fremont, Calif., had the belt on when the ride began, a park spokesman said. But police Detective David Tuttle said the belt was open when he saw the bobsled at the accident scene.
MS. YOUNG died at about 3 p.m. yesterday when she fell off the ride, was hit by the other sled and was trapped underneath it, said Disneyland spokeswoman Laure Dike.
She was pronounced dead at the scene, becoming the seventh fatality at the park, which has hosted more than 230 million visitors in more than 28 years of operation, Ms. Dike said.
Officials said MS. YOUNG was visiting the park with five friends from Tempe, Ariz., who shared the bobsled with her.
The 90-second bobsled ride, attaining speeds of 28 mph, shut down automatically about 30 seconds after the accident, Flores said.

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