Anaheim, CA Amusement Park Accident, Aug 1967


Anaheim, Calif. -- A 15-year-old youth who tried to change cars on a Disneyland ride was crushed Monday night beneath the wheels of one of the cars.
RICK YAMA, 15, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Yamauch of Truro St., Hawthorne, died 20 feet in the air, wedged between a car and the tracks of the elevated "People Mover" ride which runs through the Tomorrowland section of the park.
Anaheim police said two friends of the victim, STEVE BROOKS, 213 Topaz Lane, and DON MATTISON, 12307 Sundale St., both of Hawthorne, were riding in the same car with YAMA as it progressed through the General Electric exhibit, "Carrousel of Progress," when he attempted to change gondolas.
The boy's companions said the youth slipped and fell onto the tracks between the two cars, was dragged some distance and finally wedged between the rails and the small motor under the car.
The boy's body was wedged there for more than two hours while park employes dismantled the ride so it could be removed.
The "People Mover," a ride inaugurated this year at Disneyland, carries passengers throughout Tomorrowland and enters three buildings -- the Monsanto exhibit, the Bell Telephone exhibit and the building which houses the General Electric display.
YAMA'S companions couldn't explain why YAMA was trying to change cars, police said.
Police said YAMA and his five companions had arrived at the park at about 1 p.m. Monday and had spent the day in the park.
They said they had decided to take "just one more ride" before leaving for home, at about 11:30 p.m. and decided to try the "People Mover."
The youth's body was taken to Hilgenfeld Mortuary in Anaheim.
On Friday CHERYL BLAKELY, 14, of 2076 Greenbrier Road, was on the "Adventures Through Inner Space" ride when according to Disneyland officials, she tried to change cars while the ride was moving and was crushed between two cars.
The girl is in improved condition at Palm Harbor Hospital, Garden Grove, with a shattered pelvis and broken legs, one of them in five places.

Press Telegram Long Beach California 1967-08-22