Anaheim, CA Amusement Park Accident, June 1966


Anaheim, Calif. -- The Disneyland monorail train Friday night slammed into and killed a 19-year-old youth who had climbed 20 feet to a trestle in an apparent effort to gain free entrance into the Anaheim amusement park.
THOMAS GUY CLEVELAND of Northridge was crushed between the train and a protective plastic canopy which extends on either side of the monorail trestles beneath the track.
Investigating officers said the boy had scaled two chain link fences, one six feet high and the other 16 feet high, to gain access to the track at a point where it crosses the employes' parking lot.
Disneyland spokesmen said the accident occurred at 9:25 p.m. when the monorail was grinding toward its Tomorrowland stop at 25 mph.
Operator of the monorail, Dallas Baker, told police he didn't see the youth on the track before the accident, and was unaware of anything unusual until he felt a bump and the train stopped because of a loss of power.
Three security officers, Theodore John Thomas, Paul L. Williams and Earl Bruce Noren, saw the youth on the trestle just before he was struck, Anaheim police said.
Williams shouted a warning to the youth to "get down" and he appeared to crouch down on the canopy, police said.
He said he then watched in horror as the four-car train struck the youth and dragged him under its carriage.
Police said all four cars passed over the victim.
Investigators said the boy's body was badly mutilated in the mishap.
A spokesman for the amusement park said passengers riding in the nose cone of the train reported feeling a bump, but were unaware of the accident.
The train was stranded for about 10 minutes, then was towed into its next station by a work car.

Press-Telegram Long Beach California 1966-06-18