Uplands, CA Train Collision, Dec 1901



San Francisco, Dec. 19. -- North and southbound Southern Pacific (coast) limited trains running between this city and Los Angeles came together in a head-on collision at Uplands early this morning.
A fireman, express messenger and baggageman were killed and twenty-five passengers more or less injured, probably not one fatally.
The dead:
A. PHELPS, messenger Wells Fargo & Co.
WILLIAM C. GARLAND, fireman on southbound train, 1471 Fifteenth Street, San Francisco.
OWEN A. THURBER, Wells-Fargo helper, Santa Cruz.
Among the injured are:
JOHN CARDONA, section hand, San Luis Obispo; severely burned, probably fatally.
GEO. BECKER, Beauford, S. Dak.; cuts on hands and face.
A. S. WAKEFIELD, Hiram, Ohio; cut on hands.
CHARLES WASSON, Tranquility, Ohio; bruised.
MRS. GERTRUDE STEWART, Delfer, Colo.; right eye bruised and neck sprained.
MRS. A. WRIGHT, Los Angeles; contusions and sprained neck.
L. L. AUSTIN, brakeman, 663 Harrison Street, San Francisco; cuts on head and body.
JOHN KELSHAW, Treasurer San Luis Obispo County; internal injuries.
FELICE RANCANTORE, section hand, 724 Fibert Street, San Francisco; internal injuries.
BUENA SALVADOR, section hand, 414 1/2 Green Street, San Francisco; injured internally, probably fatally.
CHRISTIAN JENSEN, Haywards; burned and crushed.
FRANCISCO SAVERINO, section hand, 665 Broadway, Oakland; burned and crushed.
GIUSEPPI BONDI, section hand, 665 Broadway, Oakland; legs injured.
JOHN JORDAN, Rochester, N.Y.; cut and bruised on arms and legs.
CHRIST HENDRICKSEN, San Luis Obispo County; burned, cut and injured internally.
H. C. MARTIN, Los Angeles, Wells-Fargo messenger; bruised back and internal injury.
EDMUND VERRIER, Arroyo Grande; cut on hands.
JOHN C. WILLIAMS, Stone Canyon, Monterey County; hands burned.
MR. HOLCOMB, Pullman car porter, north bound train; cut on head and face.
MRS. HOLBRIDGE, 1615 Ellis Street, San Francisco; left leg bruised.
MRS. NAUGHTON, Los Angeles; bruised on chin and lips cut.
MRS. L. BOOTH, Pasadena; slight shock.
MRS. E. S. SANDS, Casmalia; cut on lips.
Both engines were demolished and the baggage and smoking and chair cars of the northbound train were burned. None of the passengers on cars of the southbound train were injured.
The only passengers hurt were those in the smoking and day coaches of the northbound train. In the smoker were half a dozen Italian laborers. Four of them were badly bruised and scalded by escaping steam.
The accident was due, the railway officials say, to the failure of Engineer COFFEY of the northbound train to follow out his orders, which instructed him to wait at a siding at Uplands until the southbound passed. Instead of waiting the train passed the siding at the rate of thirty miles an hour.
Half a mile beyond it ran into the southbound, which was coming at an equal rate of speed. Just as the engines came together the crews jumped for their lives, all escaping except Fireman GARLAND. Just as he was about to leap the locomotive overturned and he was caught beneath its mass. The engineers of both trains before jumping reversed their engines and set the brakes.
In the fire which resulted part of the mail and a number of express packages were burned.
Among the passengers there happened to be two physicians, and the injured received prompt attention.
On the northbound train were several officials of the Southern Pacific. General Manager Agler was on an inspecting trip and had with him R. Koehler, manager of the lines in Oregon, and J. R. Lewis, superintendent of the Carson and Colorado.

Des Moines Daily Leader Iowa 1901-12-20