Grass Valley, CA Gold Mine Explosion, Dec 1934


Grass Valley, Cal., Dec. 18 (AP) -- Two miners were killed here today in a powder explosion 3000 feet deep in the Empire Star gold mine, which filled the mine levels with gas and choked several other underground workers into unconsciousness.

The dead were FRANK HARVEY, 35, and CLARENCE DICKERMAN, 22.

HARVEY was killed instantly in the explosion and DICKERMAN asphyxiated by the fumes, which sent the 300 men in the mine stampeding up the inclined shaft, coughing and choking.

Rescue crews on trucks brought four unconscious miners to the surface, ALBERT RORE, WILLIAM GILBERT, W. J. BENNETT and JOE HOLMAN.

RORE and GILBERT were taken to the local hospital, but GILBERT was able to leave for his home soon afterward. The other two men were given first aid treatment at the mine mouth, and were able then to go home.

Though details of the explosion could not be learned immediately, officials said the blast had not trapped any workers in the mine. Only those who were overcome by fumes were unable to get to the surface.

The Salt Lake Tribune Utah 1934-12-19