Honda, CA Shriners Train Wreck, May 1907 - 37 Lives Lost

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The dead at San Luis Obispo are:
S. S. SNYDER, Reading.
MRS. S. S. SNYDER, Reading.
L. N. ELLENBOGEN, Allentown, Pa.
HOWARD MOYER, Hazleton, Pa.
ALONZO B. ROGERS, St. Paul, Pullman conductor.
Unidentified woman probably MRS. MARY C. COLVINS, Reading.
Two unidentified bodies.

The injured at San Luis Obispo are:
R. FOUNTAIN, brakeman, missing last night, was taken to San Luis Obispo to-day. His back is injured and the lower part of his body paralyzed. He crawled 100 yards to flag the second section of the train.
W. H. BOYD of Reading, Pa., badly scalded.
MARTIN L. HENRY of Shamokin, Pa., injured spine and severely scalded.
H. R. LEE, Orwigsburg, Pa., face lacerated, both hips cut, and fractured leg.
J. LOGAN, Buffalo, N. Y., leg fractured and three ribs broken.
H. A. HARTSEL, former mayor of Easton, Pa., severely scalded and fractured leg.
CHARLES McKINNEY, Binghamton, N. Y., back injured.
MRS. McKINNEY, severely bruised about the body.
MRS. FRED GRUMMOND, Binghamton, N. Y., ankle broken.
A. W. HOPPLE, Bennis Point, N. Y., severely bruised about neck.
Engineer CHAMPLAINE, badly scalded.
Fireman GLEN THOMPSON, face, arms and internal injuries.
MRS. HENDEL and daughter HELEN, Reading, Pa., not serious.
J. GALVIN HUFFEDIPIZ, Reading, Pa., left leg fractured, scalp wound.
MRS. SNYDER, Reading, Pa., burned about body and face.
MR. MOYER, Hazelton, Pa., Burned.
MRS. HARRISON HENDLE, Reading, Pa., shoulder dislocated.
MISS HENDLE, her daughter, arm broken.

The dining car, in which were thirty-two people, leaped into the air and was thrown directly on top of the demolished locomotive. Nearly every person in this coach was instantly killed. Scores were scalded by steam from disconnected pipes in the diner.

Range Ledger Hugo Colorado 1907-05-18