Honda, CA Shriners Train Wreck, May 1907 - Helps at Wreck


Member of Eastern Star Goes to Shiners

Santa Barbara May 13 - Refused a ride inside the relief train on its way to the Shriner wreck at Honda yesterday, Miss Marie Fuller 1010 South Burlington avenue, Los Angeles got their [sic] anyhow.

She rode the breakbeam on the tender.

Miss Fuller was going as far as San Francisco with the Boston Shriners on the third section immediately behind the wrecked train and when the Santa Barbara relief train arrived at Sutton, where all rearward sections were blocked, Miss Fuller asked Dr. A. W. Taylor, the division surgeon of the Southern Pacific if she could accompany the nurses and doctors.

No said Dr. Taylor, and he forgot all about the bright-eyed girl of 19 until the conductor of the train called his attention to a wisp of brown hair floating in the wind above the platform of the front car. They went out together and there on the breakbeam, which hardly afforded a foothold, when the engine is at a standstill crouched the daring young woman. Dr. Taylor was more frightened that she for the train;s speed of fifty miles an hour did not seem to impress her a[sic] dangerous. "Don;t you know you might have been killed?" the surgeon glowered.

"I might" replied Miss Fuller, "but I just had to go to the wreck. You wouldn't let me ride inside so I got aboard outside.

I am a member of South Gate Lodge, Eastern Star she explained, "and I am pledged to give aid wherever possible. It was possible to help those poor wreck victims in spite of the doctor.

Oakland Tribune, Oakland, CA 13 May 1907