Honda, CA Shriners Train Wreck, May 1907 - Escape and Rescue


"Hearing screams we forced our way over the ruins. Mrs. Grummond of Binghamton was pinned down and screaming for aid. Mr. and Mrs. Cutler were lying on her, both dead. We talked with Mrs. Grummond and assured her that we would take her out. I never saw a braver nor pluckier little woman. For two hours we worked there and her voice always cheered us on. The car leaned perilously and we had to take crowbars and dig our way through trunks, pulling the clothing out to get the trunks loose, so fast were they wedged. All the time we feared fire, for the peril was great, but at last we reached the woman and took her out. Her ankle was broken. The relief train came and we loaded the injured on it and sent them to San Luis Obispo. Many will go through life badly scarred and maimed."

Oakland Tribune, Oakland, CA 13 May 1907



C.M. Tyson, who collapsed after rescuing many bodies from the boiling water pouring out of the shattered kitchen ranges, still is ill, but will be able to travel homeward when this Buffalo friends leave tonight. Mrs. A.D. Wasson of Buffalo and Henry J. Fisher of Cleveland, who are suffering from painful injuries, apparently are unable yet to emerge from the daze which followed the realization of their losses in the wreck. Mrs. Wasson had just left her husband in the diner when the train struck the broken switch. He was crushed and literally cooked to death, leaving his wife a widow with a three-year-old baby. The tot laughs and crows about the hotel here, none the worse for the experience it went through.

Mr. Fisher lost his wife and step-daughter in the baggage car. They insisted on going to their trunk to get some toilet articles, although Mr. Fisher was reluctant to have them leave their compartment in the Pullman.

Oakland Tribune, Oakland, CA 13 May 1907