Lamanda Park, CA Train Wreck, May 1907


Los Angeles Locomotive Grinds Auto to Pieces and Two are Hurt-One Dead.

By the Associated Press.

LOS ANGELES, May 25.-As the result of a collision between a heavy touring car and the engine of the Santa Fe Limited, just before 7 o'clock tonight, WALTER FOSTER, of Minneapolis, a guest of the Alexandria, is dead; MISS GENEVIEVE HART, of Los Angeles, his companion on the ride, is unconscious and seriously injured, and CARL WOLD, the chauffeur, is in a Pasadena hospital with a broken arm and other severe injuries. The accident occurred at Lamanda Park, four miles east of Pasadena. FOSTER and his companion had visited Monrovia at 6:50 p. m. reached the Santa Fe crossing. The approaching train was not seen by the chauffeur because of intervening trees and house. When almost on the track WOLD saw the train, and apparently became confused. He turned the automobile almost directly toward the engine, which was running at about 40 miles an hour. As the machine struck all three were thrown out and the big machine was ground to fragments. FOSTER died shortly after 11 o'clock tonight at a Pasadena hospital, where the three injured persons were taken.

Sunday Mercury and Herald, San Jose, CA 26 May 1907