Point Arena, CA (off shore) Submarine F-1 Disaster, Dec 1917

CALIF Submarine F-1 Destroyed.jpg

GUY RAYMOND STEWART, chief machinist's mate; father, Grant Stewart, 705 West Fiftieth Street, Los Angeles, Cal.
DUDLEY STOUGH, chief gunner's mate; wife, Marie H. Stough, 323 Ohio Street, Vallejo, Cal.
CHARLES F. VINCENT, electrician second class; father, Phillip S. Vincent, Exeter, Cal.
THOMAS ALFRED WALSH, machinist's mate first class; Ilillsyard, Wash.
CLYDE WILLIAM WYATT, machinist's mate first class; mother, Nellie Martin, Venice, Cal.
Lieutenant A. E. MONTGOMERY, Fort H. G. Wright, New York.
J. M. SCHMISSAUTER, machinist (temporary), Hill City, Tenn.
HENRY LLOYD BROWN, gunner's mate first class, Macon, Ga.
JOSEPH J. BURNS, chief gunner's mate; wife, Ruth Burns, 390 First Street, San Pedro, Cal.
JOHN GALVIN STEWART, ship's cook third class; Huron, S.D.
Official investigation by Navy Department officials, as to the causes of the accident, are under way today. Until the findings are given out, the exact details are lacking. It is known that both submarines were running on the surface of the water when the accident occurred.
It is thought that the five sole survivors, including Lieutenant A. E. MONTGOMERY, were on the deck at the time. The rest were trapped beneath the water and either drowned or suffocated.
The sinking of the F-1 claimed two victims from the bay district. Machinist's Mate GROVER E. METZ, 22, who perished, had been recently married and resided for a short time with his wife at 904 Divisadero Street, San Francisco. He had just finished a four-year enlistment in the navy and turned his attention to the submarine and of the war. Young BERNARD, the Oakland lad, has a sister, Mrs. Amelia Quintal, 1231 Fifty-second Avenue, and Mrs. L. W. Wares, and a brother, all of this city. He enlisted on May 16 in San Francisco, as a machinist.

Oakland Tribune California 1917-12-19