San Clemente Island, CA (off shore) Battleship MISSISSIPPI Disaster, June 1924

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At the time of the explosion in turret No. 2, seven additional observers and three additional officers, making a total of eighty-eight men, are reported to have been in the fire, more than fifty of whom were in the upper chambers, the portion of the turret most affected.
The men handling the powder up from lower decks are believed to have escaped serious injuries because of the progressive steps the fire was forced to take.
Ensign McCREA, 25 years old, was from the United States ship New Mexico and was graduated from the naval academy at Annapolis with the class of '22 and is single. His home is in Renovo, Pa.
The only two men of the United States ship New Mexico present on the Mississippi who are known to have escaped death or injury are:
JOE GAVIEZEL, seaman first class, of Los Angeles.
ROBERT MacAVIN, boatswain second class, of San Francisco.

San Pedro, Cal., June 13 -- (Associated Press) -- The list of dead in the battleship, Mississippi blast, their next of kin and city of residence as officially announced aboard the U.S.S. New Mexico, by Lieut. L. N. Morgan, acting for Admiral
H. A. Wiley follow:
Lieut. Junior Grade THOMAS E. ZELLARS, next of kin, Mrs. T. E. Zellars, home address, Long Beach, Cal.
Ensign M. ERWIN, JR., Marcus Erwin, 101 Furman Avenue, Asheville, N.C.
FLOYD A. RAYMOND, seaman first class, Milo W. Raymond, Floyd, Ia.
ALBERT DARAZIO, Mrs. Anna Darazio, Egg Harbor, N.J.
FREDERICK G. EVER, seaman second class, Mrs. Percy S. Ever, R.F.D. No. 3, Birmingham, Mich.
BRADFORD W. SMITH, ginners mate first class, Ephriam E. Smith, 216 West King Street, Martinsburg, W. Va.
HOWARD A. WALKUP, seaman first class, Mrs. Birdie Walkup, Crawley, W. Va.
CEDRIC KERR, seaman second class, Mrs. Nettie Kerr, 1424 South Eleven and One-half Street, Terre Haute, Ind.
ALBERT L. LAWSON, seaman first class, Louis T. Lawson, 4145 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia.
CLAUDE N. SULLIVAN, seaman second class, Mrs. Loulle Sullivan, Sargeant, Neb.
BRIGHAM F. SMITH, ginner's mate first class, Brigham Smith, Murray, Utah.
JOHN D. SHARKLEY, seaman first class, Mrs. Mary Sharkley, 2620 North Bouvier Street, Philadelphia.
JAMES D. HOLLIDAY, seaman first class, James
W. Holliday, Mena, Ark.
STEPHEN BETO, seaman first class, John Beto,
113 Orland Street, Bridgeport, Conn.
FLOYD B. KIMBALL, seaman first class, Louis F. Kimball, Greeley, Colo.
ANDREW R. KINNEY, seaman second class, Mrs. Mary Kinney, Argonis, Kas.
PETER A. FLYNN, seaman first class, Mrs. Mary Flynn, 174 Salem, Worcester, Mass.
EDWARD H. HUFFMAN, seaman first class, Mrs.
Ora D. Huffman, Route No. 4, Aurora, Ind.
VERNON BRUMFIELD, coxswain, Mrs. Cora Brumfield, Norfield, Miss.
JOSEPH BERG, engineman second class, Mrs. Katie Berg, Mt. Vernon, Wash.
GEORGE A. BYERS, boatswains mate first class, Mrs. Rose Byers, San Jose, Cal.
LESLIE MALONE, gunners mate first class, Fred W. Buchanan, R. R. No. 5, Independence, Mo.
WALLACE W. KEYS, boatswains mate second class, Mrs. Gertrude S. Davis, Madera, Cal.
PAUL H. CHRISTENSEN, seaman first class, Mrs. Sarah G. Klanear, Guernsey, Wyo.
DOYLE N. SHAW, seaman first class, Mrs. J. R. Bellam, Clayton, Tex.

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