San Clemente Island, CA (off shore) Battleship MISSISSIPPI Disaster, June 1924

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CARL C. CALDWELL, seaman first class, Miss Archie Caldwell, Dover, Ark.
JAMES THOMAS WOOD, fireman first class, Miss Abbie Wood, 124 1/2 East A Street, Hutchinson, Kas.
GEORGE EUGENE MAGILL, seaman first class, Mrs. Maud Magill, 714 South Sixth Street, Waco, Tex.
PAUL GREEN, chief yeoman, Mrs. Henry D. Green, Little Rock, Ark.
WILLIAM F. LUBO, seaman second class, Santos Lubo, Cahuilla, Cal.
STANLEY J. SKRYNAS, chief boatswains mate, Peter Skrynas, 44 Bridge Street, Brooklyn, Me.
BARTHOLOMEW D. KIELY, seaman second class, Mrs. Johanna Kiely, 729 High Street, Holyoke, Mass.
ANDREW SLOAN, fireman second class, Mrs. James P. Sloan, 3227 South Calhoun Street, Fort Wayne, Ind.
WILLIAM H. WARD, quartermaster third class, Harrison Ward, Wichita, Kas.
FRANK B. KING, seaman first class, Mrs. Sarah D. King, 614 East Green Street, Clinton, Mass.
CLARENCE BOURGEOIS, seaman first class, Mrs. Louise S. Bourgeois, Waveland, Miss.
LAWRENCE H. WILLIS, seaman first class, Charles Willis, Osgood, Ind.
FRANK L. KLONOWSKI, seaman first class, Mrs. Marie Truschka, Blue Island, Ill.
RODNEY L. ANDERSON, seaman first class, Mrs. Elva Wooley, Davey, Cal.
PHILLIP C. CLARKE, seaman first class, Henry Clarke, Los Angeles.
JOHN A. McCORMICK, seaman second class, Mrs. Grace McCormick, 1942 1/2 East Tenth Street, Cleveland, O.
WILLIAM D. COOK, seaman first class, Elinor Struckhoff, 2716 Blair Avenue, St. Louis, Mo.
FREDERICK W. ZACHARIAS, seaman first class, Mrs. Mry Zacharias, 5171 Kincaid Street, Pittsburgh, Pa.

The following named men were attached to the United States ship New Mexico:
WILLIAM GEORGE McCREA, ensign, Mrs. C. R. McCrea, 705 Ontario Avenue, Renevo, Pa.
NORMAN LEE BARBEE, coxswain, Ella E. Barbee, San Francisco, Cal.
HOMER SILVESTER BRIDGES, seaman first class, Robert H. Bridges, Braxton, Miss.
FARRIS CARLTON HOPKINS, seaman second class, Minnie Hopkins, Adairsville, Ga.
TED CARLISLE RAGAN, seaman first class, next of kin, Ida Ragan, 1115 Sergeant Street, Joplin, Mo.

Te names, home addresses and extent of injuries of men hurt in the disaster aboard the U.S.S. Mississippi yesterday were announced from official navy headquarters late today as follows:
F. J. BYNES, chief turret captain, condition serious, Baltimore.
W. H. BALL, seaman first class, condition serious, Monroe, Ga.
JOE SMITH, quartermaster third class, condition serious, Paris, Ky.
HERBERT O. WHITED, chief quartermaster, condition serious, San Diego, Cal.
CLYDE S. BENTLEY, seaman first class, burns face, neck, arms and hands, 1023 West Seventeenth Street, Kansas City, Mo.
JOHN L. KARLO, seaman first class, condition favorable, Denver, Col.
RUSSELL E. SHERER, machinist's mate second class, condition favorable, 1529 Washington Avenue, Springfield, Mo.
VICTOR A WILDER, engineer second class, condition favorable, Webster, Mass.
RALPH E. HARRISON, seaman first class, condition favorable, Breensboro, Ga.
W. B. SMITH, seaman first class, favorable, Buckner, Ill.
R. J. MAUROD, seaman second class, condition favorable, Rockford, Ill.
G. E. MARTIN, chief quartermaster, condition favorable, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Indianapolis Star Indiana 1924-06-13