Big Tree, CA Train Wrecked, May 1880

AARON RHODES, of San Francisco, probably fatally hurt.
MRS. J. SILVA, Santa Cruz, leg broken.
JAMES HANDLEY, Santa Cruz, Wells Fargo & Co.'s messenger, considerably hurt, seriously in the head.
MR. REFFLEY and son, San Francisco, both dangerously hurt, the son will probably not recover.
FRED SAVAN, Santa Cruz, hurt slightly in the head.
HENRY HEATH, Santa Cruz, leg bruised.
F. A. ROBBINS, San Francisco, left shoulder blade broken and other injuries.
W. B. BONE, conductor of the train, seriously hurt across the backbone, bursted so to speak.
M. McCLANE, San Francisco, ribs broken and badly bruised.
PETER GARNS, San Francisco, seriously hurt.
S. C. HUSSEY, Santa Cruz, dangerously hurt.
R. ORTON, right leg broken and badly bruised.
RHEONE HANS, San Francisco, both legs broken.
GEORGE RYER, San Francisco, leg and arm broken.
P. RITCHLER, San Francisco, arm broken.
F. SIFKE, San Francisco, leg and arm broken.
MRS. HOST, hurt inwardly.
W. H. DEANS, knee cap dislocated.
CHRIS DeHORDE, leg broken and internally injured.
MRS. KANLADE, bruised.

Identifying the Dead.
San Francisco, May 24.
A train from Santa Cruz arrived early this morning, bringing the number killed and wounded by yesterday's accident. A crowd awaited the arrival, anxious for the fate of friends, and many touching scenes occurred when the ferry boat reached the ship. Two more dead have been identified:
J. JORPPITZ, of San Francisco.
Three remain still unknown, fourteen in all.
The most seriously injured remain at Santa Cruz, the Mayor of which city has requested the business houses to be closed today. The wounded are comfortably provided for at the Occano House and with two exceptions doing well.

Another Death Reported.
A Santa Cruz dispatch says the young son of HERMAN RIPAN, of San Francisco, has just died.
All the hotels have been thrown open for hospital purposes and an efficient corps of physicians and nurses are in attendance.

Titusville Herald Pennsylvania 1880-05-25