Bakersfield, CA Mine Cave In, Dec 1906


Wailings and Moanings Heard by the Watchers at Mouth of Shaft.

Bakersfield, Cal., Dec. 18.---The rescue force at the Edison works still has eight feet to go before Hicks, the entombed miner, can be reached. The work is of the most dangerous character and proceeds very slowly.

At the mouth of the shaft, where communication has been maintained with the buried miner for many days, the watchers are almost overcome by the odors. Added to this come repeated wailings and moanings from Hicks, who apparently has at last lost courage.

Hicks gave the following to an inquirer as to his personal history.

He enlisted in Troop A. First Kentucky Cavalry, in 1898, and later served in Company D., Twenty-eighth, and Company H., of the Thirtieth Regiment of Infantry, United States army. He was three years in Manila as a soldier and civilian. He has a married daughter in Manchester, Ky.

The Washington Post, Washington, DC 19 Dec 1906