Los Angeles, CA Interurban And Train Wreck, June 1911


(By United Press Leased Wire.)
Los Angeles, June 26. -- More than a score of passengers were injured shortly after 9 o'clock this morning in a collision between an inbound Santa Monica flyer and an Arlington Heights car on the Los Angeles Pacific Interurban line.
All the ambulances in the city were rushed to the scene and are now removing the injured to the various hospitals. The police state that a number of the injured will die.
Judge Allen of the appellate court of California is among the most seriously injured.
The seriously injured are:
Judge ALLEN, injured internally and cut by flying glass; critical condition.
EDWIN D. MORTON, six, injured internally; may die.
MRS. M. E. CUMMINGS, badly cut by glass and bruised.
E. F. WRIGHT, bruised and cut.
ALLEN WHEELER, cut and bruised.
MRS. JOHN FARLEY, of Sawtelle, badly cut and bruised.
A. F. MELLEN, of Sawtelle, badly bruised and shaken up.
Five others were less seriously injured.
A misunderstanding of signals is said to have been responsible for the collision. The Santa Monica car crashed into the local car with terrific force. Three other cars were required to pull the two damaged cars apart.
Judge ALLEN and EDWIN MORTON, who were probably fatally injured, were sitting in the middle section of the local car. They were thrown headfirst through a window.

Tacoma Times Washington 1911-06-26