Colton, CA Passenger Train Collision, Mar 1907

MRS. T. H. HARRIS, New York City; face and head cut.
J. S. HOLLY, Boulder, Colo.; slightly bruised.
MRS. J. S. HOLLY, Boulder, Colo.; face, arms and head cut.
MRS. MARY KING, Pasadena; cut by glass; severe contusions on head.
Little girl, name unknown; taken to Pasadena; leg broken.
J. M. McKENNEY, Santa Fe Fireman, San Bernardino; left leg broken in two places, left thigh fractured, left wrist fractured, left elbow dislocated, back severely injured; will die.
J. B. McNEILL, engineer, San Bernardino; scalded by escaping steam, cut about head, shoulder dislocated.
ALBERT ORSEN, Nome, Alaska; cut about head.
J. B. ORSEN, Minnesota; face cut.
LA MIRA J. PARKER, Kinsman, Ohio; face and head cut.
MRS. WILLIAM B. STEVENS; deep cut on head and internal injuries.
D. K. SHOOP, Wauseon, Ohio; cut about head.
MRS. D. K. SHOOP, Wauseon, Ohio.
WES SWANSON, Hope, N.D.; head and face cut.
MRS. C. M. THOMAS, Pasadena; slightly bruised.
WILLIAM TUTTLEMAN, Philadelphia, Pa.; cut about head and face.
MRS. EDNA TRACEY, Pueblo, Colo.; cut about head.
JOHN R. WISE, St. Louis, Mo.; bruised on head.
J. WEISS, Pasadena; cut by glass and severely crushed.
Five unidentified Japanese; bruised and cut.

Coroner's Inquest.
A coroner's inquest will be held over the body of NAGASAKI today and the coroner of San Bernardino county has announced that he will use every possible means to fix the blame for the disaster, which at present is very much in doubt.
It has not yet been learned which member of the freight crew is responsible for the switch having been left open. According to statements of the trainmen of both crews, the switch was left open through the negligence of one of the freight crew, and Conductor McLENNON is said to have admitted that it was one of his men. There had been shifting of cars for nearly an hour preceding the wreck, and as far as can be learned no definite order had been issued regarding the passing of the passenger

Los Angeles Herald California 1907-03-02